The first step toward your new real estate career is to prepare yourself for the license exam.  That means completing 75 hours of instruction in two main courses of study:  Real Estate Fundamentals and Real Estate Practice.  You’ll need to attend 80% of the classes and pass a final exam.  When you’re finished, each student receives a certified transcript indicating you’ve completed the coursework.  We offer many convenient options for you to take the courses in class or online – whichever suits you best!


  • Real Estate Fundamentals – Emphasis is on the underlying concepts of Land, Property, Rights in Realty and the means, methods and laws that govern the conveyance of these rights. (30 hours)

  • Real Estate Practice – This course is designed to acquaint the student in the basic techniques, procedures, regulations and ethics involved in a real estate transaction, along with a working knowledge of the forms and documents used including the related mathematics. (45 hours)