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Requirements to Become a Realtor

To sell real estate in Pennsylvania, you must possess a license issued by the State. The requirements for licensing in Pennsylvania are as follows:

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older.

  2. You must complete the required educational course work, which consists of two courses of 30 hours each:
    • Real Estate Fundamentals: A real estate theory and terminology course, which includes Pennsylvania real estate law.
    • Real Estate Practice: An application course in which you follow a transaction from its beginning to end.

  3. You must pass a test covering real estate theory and practice, and Pennsylvania real estate law. An independent testing company administers the Pennsylvania license exam. Reservations are necessary and you must present your transcript of completed course work before being admitted for the test. There is a fee for this exam.

  4. The license exam consists of two parts and is multiple choice
    • Real Estate Exam, Part 1
      (Uniform Portion):
      80 questions covering the general principles of real estate.
    • Real Estate Exam, Part 2
      (State Portion):
      30 questions covering Pennsylvania State Law, Rules and Regulations which govern the practice of real estate and Fair Housing Laws.

    After passing the exam, you must complete the license application, have it signed by a sponsoring broker, submit your transcript and pay the application fee for processing. Within a few weeks you will receive your initial license.

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